Work45+ aims to reduce barriers faced by older Tasmanians looking for work. It was created by COTA Tasmania, assisted by a grant from the Department of State Growth, Tasmania. The site is maintained by COTA Tasmania.


Tasmanian job seekers aged over 45 can find timely employment that meets their skills, needs and values.


  • Respect: We respect and value the contribution and lived experience of Tasmanians as they age and support each person’s right to make choices and to participate in paid employment.
  • Diversity: We value the great diversity that characterises Tasmanians of all ages, including those aged over 45.
  • Engagement: We are committed to exchange and engagement with older job seekers and employers.
  • Collaboration: We communicate and work collaboratively with older job seekers, employers, service providers and government to achieve our Vision.
  • Integrity: We operate accountably, ethically, honestly and openly, and strive for excellence in all our interactions.


Evidence shows that older people start experiencing age-related barriers to work from just 45. Studies by the Australian Human Rights Commission have found that many employers are reluctant to hire older workers. And when older people become unemployed, on average they take much longer than younger people to find another position.

Tasmanians aged over 45 make a huge contribution to our way of life and economy. At the last Census, in 2016, nearly half the residents and workers in our State were aged over 45.

Despite this, older job seekers tell us they sometimes feel like employers jump to conclusions about them because of their age.

This is unfortunate, because employers who overlook applicants aged over 45 risk missing opportunities to improve their business, strengthen its brand and make stronger connections with customers, clients and partners.

At the same time, employers and recruiters tell us older job seekers do not always present themselves in applications and interviews as well as they might.

Work45+ was created by COTA Tasmania following focus group consultation with older job seekers, employers and job service providers. It includes information they believe will help more older job seekers be employed and valued. By presenting information for older job seekers and employers in a single website, we hope Work 45+ will lead to more positive experiences and outcomes for both.

Work45+ was developed with the assistance of the Department of State Growth. It is maintained by COTA Tasmania.

The focus group consultations with Tasmanian job seekers aged over 45, employers and employment service providers were facilitated by Julia Curtis (Curtis and Associates) and Calvin Frith (Mushemi Impact Consulting). COTA Tasmania thanks everyone who participated in these focus groups for giving their time so generously, and sharing their experiences and views.

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