The Director of Public Health has now issued a new Public Health Direction to manage the threat to public health posed by the spread of COVID 19 in workplaces.

The Direction sets out the minimum standards that businesses need to meet to manage the risk of COVID19 spreading and protect both workers and customers.

Businesses must implement measures to achieve the minimum standards and must also document these measures.

The Government has worked with stakeholders to develop industry specific guidelines to provide examples of the sorts of measures to suit businesses in each sector.

A COVID Safety Plan is a great way for businesses to document measures and show how they are keeping their customers, their workers and the community safe.

WorkSafe Tasmania has also developed templates to help small and medium businesses to prepare their COVID Safety Plans.

WorkSafe Tasmania inspectors are visiting businesses to ensure that workplaces are actively applying COVID-19 controls, and importantly, assisting them on how to implement the required measures.

Inspectors are taking a supportive and educative approach to compliance, particularly where genuine attempts are being made by businesses to comply with the new way of working.

You can view the Attorney-General’s media release here.

You can find more information on COVID-safe workplaces here.