One in nine workers in their 70s, one in 16 workers in their 60s and one in 16 workers in their 20s have been made redundant across Australia since March, according to the Mercury.

These huge losses for older workers are happening at the same time as 20 Tasmanians are competing for every available job in the State, according to a snapshot just released by Anglicare and reported in the Australian.

The south-east coast is by far the worst hit part of Tasmania for retrenchments, with 15 per cent of all jobs there lost from March to September. Inner Hobart lost 4.7 per cent of jobs, Launceston 5.1 per cent and Devonport 4 per cent, according to the Mercury.

Australia-wide, the Mercury reports the worst-hit industries from March to September were aviation, tourism, film, creative and performing arts, hospitality and restaurants.

“Older Australians out of work were facing ‘disastrous personal circumstances’ if they were forced to spend savings they would need in retirement before receiving welfare”, according to COTA Australia CEO Ian Yates, as reported by the Australian.

“Australia needs urgent action or we’ll push a huge group, mostly women, into poverty in old age,” Mr Yates told the newspaper.