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This part of Work45+ is for employers who are looking for staff, and recruiters who may be helping them.

To find out more about hiring and retaining older workers, click on the links below for information, links, videos and tips about:

Other parts of Work45+

  • It’s unlawful to discriminate against applicants simply because of their age. This applies equally to younger and older job seekers. To ensure you have a good understanding of the age-related rights of job seekers and your own obligations, Work45+ has a section on age equality.
  • Work45+ recognises that older job seekers have a part to play in improving their own employment prospects. For this reason, the section called “For older job seekers” includes tips that employers and job service providers have told us will help people aged over 45 be competitive when applying for jobs.
  • “For older job seekers” also contains information for job seekers about industry sectors in Tasmania expected to grow or with a high proportion of older staff. If you would like to add information to encourage older job seekers to consider roles in your sector, just email admin@work45plus.org.au to discuss.

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Information for job seekers and employers during the emergency

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