Overview for job seekers

This part of Work 45+ is for anyone aged over 45 who is looking for work.

In the panel to the left is a list of topics that job seekers aged over 45 have told us are important.

Under these headings, you’ll find summaries, links, ideas and video interviews.

Importantly, we cover:

If one of these sounds appealing to you, it might be a good place to start your search.

Other parts of Work45+

  • Age discrimination is unlawful, yet the Australian Human Rights Commission has found evidence some employers are reluctant to hire older people. For this reason, the section of Work45+ called “Age equality” outlines your rights as an older job seeker and the responsibilities of employers and recruiters.
  • In the section called “For employers and recruiters“, we again explain to employers the importance of focusing on an applicant’s suitability for a job rather than their age.

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