Registering for the JobSeeker Payment

Registering with Centrelink is necessary for you to receive JobSeeker payments and other benefits you may be entitled to if you’re looking for work, such as jobactive support.

Services Australia has a detailed guide to registering and claiming online. There are many steps to this process so give yourself plenty of time.

If you’re not able to register online, start by ringing the Job Seekers Line on 132 850. This phone service operates from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

In normal circumstances, when you apply for the JobSeeker Payment you’ll be asked to provide your tax file number and bank statements and have an assets test. If you were employed before you applied for the JobSeeker Payment, you’ll be asked to provide an employment separation certificate. This lists the payments you received when you finished work. You’ll need to ask your former employer to fill it out and return it to you within 14 days.

There are alternatives to looking for work if you’re over 55

In normal circumstances, most job seekers who receive income support must enter into a mutual obligation agreement to do numerous activities.

If you’re over 55 you can choose to do combinations of self-employment, volunteering and paid employment. You can find more information about these arrangements here.

You can find information about starting your own business or doing volunteer work on our web page called “Other kinds of work“. These are options for people of any age, but to be able to count them towards your mutual obligations, you’ll need to meet the age requirements mentioned above. The voluntary work provider and the voluntary work will also have to be approved.

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